© Jeff Sias 2003-04

Using super-8 footage shot over the past several years, this film will explore the simple patterns
in movement, light, and personal thought. It is built of several short vignettes strung together,
moments in a stream of continuousness.

Discovery of the image continues through the process of re-photographing and of manipulation,
therefore keeping the film alive and growing through its entire production.

Click on the images below to view Quicktime clips of the scenes.
Findings I
"Wheal Betsy"
Dartmoor, England
Oct, 1998 / Sept, 2003
2.2 mb
Findings II
"The Wave Hole"
Aberdour Bay, Scotland
Aug, 2000 / Dec, 2003
3 mb
Findings III
Castles Okehampton, Wardour, Slanes
October 1998 and August 2000
3 mb
Findings IV
White Water"
Adirondack Mountains, NY
August, 2001
1.2 mb
Findings V
Childwold,NY & Orwell, VT
August, 2001
1.6 mb
Findings VI
Aug, 2001 / Dec, 2003
3 mb