an ongoing series of experiments

The Motion Studies films are an ongoing series of experiments that document various
forms of motion and investigate the scientific principles behind them.

Inertia is a (very) short film charting the absolute distance, which a man can run
at full charge while wearing a complete suit of armor.

Full Synopsis

Some Screenings
Sundance 2008, Rotterdam 2006, Sundance 2005
CineVegas 2004, Cinematexas 2004 and others...

Motion Studies #3: Gravity

Gravity was shot on a quiet fall afternoon and provides empirical evidence
of the instantaneous propagation of gravity and our world's drag on foreign
bodies. Set against the tragic transmissions of Soviet cosmonauts, it's a short
study of humanity's persistent self-sacrifice for the sake of scientific progress.

Motion Studies #11: Heat

Motion Studies #43: Perpetuum Mobile

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